About IES

The IES story began in 1998 when the new company acquired a handful of the best – and safest – contracting companies in the country. These companies came together to combine their vast institutional knowledge, expertise and leadership to create a national electrical and communications service provider with more than 4,000 employees and the ability to deploy resources nationally.

The idea behind IES has always been to power progress – to help make power the lives we lead.

Now, more than a decade later, IES is building on the rich history of its founding companies to provide premier services to meet all your electrical needs: electrical and low-voltage services, communications, and network and security solutions. We are proud of the history of our founding companies, many of which stretch back multiple generations.

The electrical and communications services we provide are essential to modern life.

IES Values


Customers – Anticipate needs; exceed expectations
Results – We do what we say
Exemplary Leadership – Inspire and engage
Accountability – Personal responsibility
Team – Shared goals; collective success
Environment – Protect and expand

Integrity – Maintain highest ethical standards
Employees – Growth and development
Safety – Unwavering commitment to zero accidents


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